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How To Install Victory PB1200 Photo Eye Beam

Installing The Victory PB 1200 Safety Photo Beam 


Model: PB 1200 Retro Reflective Photo Beam

Sensing Range: Do not place reflector closer than 2 feet to beam.  Actual range is 2 – 35 feet and may vary depending on conditions

Trigger response is a fast 15 MS


Connecting the Photo Beam:


The PB1200 comes with 6 feet of 5 conductor wire.

Only 4 conductors are used to connect the Victory PB1200 Photo Beam


Connect the BLUE and BROWN wires to POWER Source. – They ARE NOT Polarity Sensitive.

Connect the WHITE wire to NEGATIVE (-) or COM, COMMON (it can also go to NEGATIVE of power source)


The PB 1200 Photo Beam is compatible with all Gate and Barrier Operators (Liftmaster, Eagle, US Automatic, Linear etc.) The BLACK wire connections will vary depending on operator / control board model, some examples:


RAMSET – Connect to: REV/LOOP

APOLLO – Connect to: SAFETY

GTO       -     Connect to SAFETY


When properly POWERED the GREEN light will be on

When properly ALIGNED, the only light on will be the GREEN

When the beam is activated (beam broken) YELLOW light will come on




IMPORTANT: Always check for proper operation



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