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Safety Photo Beams

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Safety Photo Beams are a great safety device for automatic gate systems.  Virtually all gate operator manufactures reuqire secondary safety devices to be installed on all installations to provide additional safety.  Safety Photo Beams are an excellent choice when it comes to selecting a safety device.  Safety Photo Beams are also called Photo Beams, Safety Sensors, NIR Photo Beams and Through Beam Photo cells.

There are many manufacturers of Safety Photo Beams such as Victory Brand Photo Beams and RIB Photo Beams.  We carry the Victory PB1200 Retro Reflective Photo Beam, the Victory PB 3000 Through Beam Photo Beaml and the RIB Nova Wireless Photo Beam. We are your one stop shop for safety photo beams.

Whatever your requirements are for Safety Photo Beams we can provide you with a photo beam that will meet your requirements.

Please feel free to email us steve@gateopen.com or call 914 230-5401