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Loop Detectors for Gate Systems

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Loop Detectors for Gate Systems are an important part of the overall gate automation design.  For commercial applications the Loop Detector might be used to activate automatic exit loops to allow visitors or employees to leave the property without the use of a keypad or card reader.  The loop detector for the gate system would be activated when a vehicle drove over the actual loop wire in the ground at the desired location.  Loop detectors can be used to prevent barrier operators from closing until vehicles are safely away from the barrier area.  The loop detector for gate systems is a part ove the overrall loop system.  The loop system consists of the actual wire loop and the loop detector is the brain that translates the signal from the loop in the ground to an action that is required by the gate system such as close the get or keep it open.  We carry a complete selection of loop detectors for gate systems including the Ramset ILD Loop Detector, Diablo Loop Detectors including the DSP-40S Loop Detectors and many other models to accomodate your needs